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14 Oct 2017 15:52

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Coebe is a 21 year old pioneer of the chillwave movement which mixes ambient beats and sounds with experimental hip hop.It verges on psychedelia which Coebe grew up on living in the same village out of where the legendary Pink Floyd sprang out of.

Sweet Dreams is Coebe's debut EP and he has an album coming soon with art direction and photography by Rocco Ritchie who is better known as Madonna's son, as well as a frequent target for the UK's tabloid press.

Coebe's nu-chillwave sound is the up and coming urban sound coming as a relaxing anti-dote to the anger and energy of the Grime movement spearheaded by the likes of Stormzy and Skepta.

The EP is out on 11th August on Nub Music with global distribution by The Orchard/Sony.


"Coebe is a supremely talented artist!"

Cloudkid blog:

"Super lovely, really enjoying the vibes!"

YB Music:

"amazing voice, so deep we can feel it Inside our souls"


"Ambience abounds and a thousand listeners stare into the distance with tears filling up their eye sockets. And this time the waterworks are guided by a voice who proves that whale sounds are so last century. Living in the moment seems possible with this comfort blanket, its soft relentlessness ensures peace of mind. Different and 100% soothing."

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